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Lily Hopes is an NPC from World's Odyssey, serving the princess of the nation of Heartis. She is wrongfully imprisoned for the murder of the King's wife, and teams with Shina Ninomiya in an attempt to reach her father.

Personality and Abilities[]

Lily is shown to be kind, caring, and refuses to let her personal feeling get in the way of serving her kingdom. Lily appears to be bisexual, as she frequently talks about how cute she thinks Shina is, and blushes at the thought of dating her whenever similar topics are brought up, but also shows an attraction to Arata Mizunashi upon seeing a picture of him. She also angrily tells Arata not to look up other girls' skirts, implying she is fine with him looking up hers.

Lily fights with a crossbow, combined with support magic.


End Quest[]

According to End Quest, a Japan-exclusive preorder bonus for Death end re;Quest, Lily initially did not take her predicament of being jailed by her own father seriously. Part of her interactions with Iris in End Quest include having her memories and personality modified to be more "in-character".

Death end re;Quest[]

Lily first appears in Chapter 1. She and Shina team up to reach her father, the King of Heartis. The King turns out to be controlled by an Entoma Queen. The duo topples the beast, and the King encourages Lily in his last moments before passing away. Lily, now Queen of Heartis, leaves the kingdom in the hands of her trusted Guard Captain while she continues to journey alongside Shina.

In Chapter 6, Nova and Alice of the Ludens inform Lily that Heartis is in danger. This causes tension between Lily and Lucil Filarete, as Lily is interested in using their resources while Lucil despises them for the carnage that Ripuka unleashed onto the Elf Village. In a fit of anger, Lucil flies through a random door and the party follows - leading them to Heartis. Lucil continues to be frustrated by Lily's inability to be angry at the Ludens - or even Lucil herself - as the party continues to make their way through the castle. Lily arrives in time to witness the death of her trusted Guard Captain Gilsura, which causes her emotions to boil over. As all of her suppressed anger is unleashed, she begins to glitch out; her buggy then begins to talk, gloating that it saved all of her anger until it broke her. The party is forced to subdue Lily, who threatens to kill all of them. Lily, under extreme distress, begins to shout things that shock Arata and Shina, as memories from another world flood her mind.

Yurisa Yamamura worked hard to follow in her father's footsteps as a surgeon, getting into a good high school, and then medical school. This infuriates her stepmother, who constantly abuses her both physically and mentally, but Yurisa never defends herself. One day, upon arriving at school, a friend asks Yurisa to falsely write her name on the attendance list for the day's seminar, then advises her to lighten up as she has several years of medical school ahead of her. Yurisa notices a black van, from which a man with a rabbit mask emerges. He sedates Yurisa with chloroform, and drags her off.

Upon relaying this information to Shina, Arata performs an online search and finds that a Yurisa Yamamura went missing six months ago, confirming to him and Shina that the NPCs are in fact real humans kidnapped by Aphesis. Lily and Lucil make up, and they continue the search for the Terminal Stones.

In Chapter 10, Lily is seemingly killed by a brainwashed Celica Clayton, but apparently survives long enough for Werner Glock to save her via Ending Engage. She returns to her real body and helps Arata and the party subdue Iris.

In Lily's ending, time has reversed to before the events of the story. Arata is in hospital after collapsing at work, and was unconscious for five days. Yurisa works as Dr. Takana's physician and gives Arata a CT and MRI scan. Arata recognises Yurisa, however she doesn't remember him.

Death Ends[]

  • In Chapter 1, attempting to leave after the cutscene that features Lily rushing into the throne room will result in Lily and later Shina being killed by the King and his men.
  • Losing to Glitch Lily in Chapter 6 results in an extended scene in which she angrily stabs Shina and Al to death using one of her arrows, and appears to think she's murdering her real life parents.

Death end re;Quest 2[]

In chapter 4, Shina gives Mai Toyama avatars of her friends from World's Odyssey, including Lily, which allows her to summon them in battle to fight alongside her.

In Yurisa's sub event in New Game+, it shows what happens after her ending in the first game. She tells Arata not to over work himself so much, with Shina running in worried about him. After originally assuming they were lovers, she is corrected and then becomes close friends with them both. At some point in the next two years, she becomes a nurse and gets a job in a different hospital to where she was Dr. Takana's physician.

In chapter 6, Shina is able to send a text to one of her friends about the situation going on in La Choara but loses signal before she can send it to anyone else. If Shina sends it to Yurisa, she arrives in La Choara 11 days later and approaches Mai, Rotten Dollhart, and Liliana Pinnata asking if they know Shina. The trio are surprised that someone knew who she was, though Shina arrives and explains that she was who she had sent a text to. The group realize that Yurisa was able to get into town, with Shina taking Lily to her home to catch up. Later that night, Shina and the trio go to the tourist area, as that is where Yurisa got in, to see if they could get out of town as everyone was stuck inside. They find they can't, though realize that cars could get through and Yurisa had arrived in a car.

In Yurisa's sub-event, exclusive to New Game+, she has the trio dine with her at a nearby restaurant though Liliana falls over and scrapes her knee. Yurisa then tends to her knee, using her nursing experience.

They plan to leave with Yurisa in the car the next day, though are unable to as Shina is murdered by Midra Dollhart and her black cloaked minions due to sneaking into the building that Midra did sacrifices in. Shina recorded this footage as she died and sent it to Yurisa, who shows it to the trio the next day. Shocked at seeing the video, the group decide they need to get revenge for Shina and Yurisa tells them not to worry as she will confront Midra with the video. She does so, and tells her to turn herself in and that if Yurisa doesn't return to Japan within a week, an investigation will be made with police and others coming to La Choara to deal with the situation meaning killing her wont stop her being arrested and tried for her crimes. She gives her one day to turn herself in and returns to her hotel room, and tells the trio they will leave the town once she has done so. Later that night however, one of Midra's minions knocks on her door with Yurisa assuming it was the trio. Instead, upon opening the door, she is stabbed by the black cloaked man and realizing she will die pulls out a bomb she had brought with her and detonates it figuring that if she is going to day she'll take her killer with her. The hotel is blown to pieces, killing them both, with everyone in town — including the trio — shocked — as they knew Yurisa was in there.

After Mai defeats Julietta Nolan, the person responsible for everything that had happened in La Choara, she uses the World's Key to reverse time to before any of the events happened and creates a World where Julietta never existed in Arata's World. Therefore, in this new version of the World, none of this happened — though Mai, Rotten, and Liliana remember the events from the previous timeline.

Death end re;Quest: Code Z[]

Below this point are critical plot details for a game that has yet to be officially released in North America or Europe.

Yurisa Yamamura is set to reappear in Death end re;Quest: Code Z. In this game she is a trainee doctor working at Yamamura University Hospital in Sagami City who passionately admires Shina Ninomiya. While she is busy, she also works part-time at Iris Corporation. It's not because she is worried about money, but of course she wants more opportunities to meet Shina.

She has been involved as a debugger of ''World's Odyssey'' since the development of the series, and there is an anecdote that a popular character in the series, Lily Hopes, originally had blonde hair, but the design was changed based on Yurisa Yamamura. It seems that she is recognized as one of the most important partners.

Ms. Yamamura has heavier feelings torwards Shina than her co-workers, but even though she knows this, she skillfully postpones the conclusion. However, in the process, she steals the master key to her apartment. It would've been a mistake to just give it to her.

Sayaka's direct boss is Yurisa Yamamura. It seems like she takes good care of her subordinates. While she sees Sayaka as her rival, she stands up to the world's threats together.

The glitch girl ''Lilith Yamamura'' is based on Lily Hopes's game data.


  • Mary Skelter 2 gives Thumbelina a costume based on Lily as part of its "Death End Attire" cross-promotion. Like Lily, Thumbelina wears her hair in twintails.
  • Lily was on obtainable character in the game Mega Miracle Force.
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