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"People who say, "Home is where the heart is" never had a family like mine"

Mai Toyama (東山 まい Toyama Mai) is the main protagonist of Death end re;Quest 2. She also returns in the spinoff Death end re;Quest: Code Z.

Official Description[]

A girl living at the Wordsworth Women’s Dormitory, an orphanage located in Le Choara. Mai’s troubled background begins with the death of her father. Abandoned and orphaned, Mai is discovered in her home by a social worker. Mai’s quiet, gloomy disposition makes it difficult to cope with the loss of her family. She is extremely intelligent but has no formal education, resulting in an imbalance between her knowledge and emotions, which occasionally leads to unexpected outbursts.


Due to the extensive abuse from her father, Mai has grown a fear of men in general.


It seems that Mai was abused by her drunken father and she has to live in a shelter where it's also Implied that her parents divorced at some point before the events of the game. Despite her appearance, she is 14 years old as hinted in the JP version of the game. The age was removed in the NA version.

Death Ends[]

In chapter 2, Mai and Rotten Dollhart break into Shina Ninomiya's house to steal the laptop they had found that she had taken away from them. If Mai choses not to put her USB into the laptop it engages security protocols and blows itself up, killing Mai and Rotten Dollhart with the explosion.

In chapter 4, after the party defeat the Succubus that used to be Chitsuba Idean, they realize it used to be human (as it was speaking human language before the fight). If they decide to save it so they can turn it back into a human, they get close to it in the hopes of being able to do so. It gets up and decides that if it's going to die it's going to take the girls with it then grabs Mai, Liliana Pinnata, and Rotten and drowns them in the lake as it dies from its wounds.

In chapter 6, Mai, Rotten, Liliana, and Shina Ninomiya try to leave town but find they are unable to due to a giant wall blocking the way out of the shopping district. As they look at it, a group of hooded people travel through the wall into town. If Mai approaches them to talk to them a massive group of them suddenly arrive and join the others and surround Mai. The other three run in, telling her she was stupid to have gone up to them, which just leads to the large group kidnapping all four of them. They take the hostages to the forest and tie them to poles, then leave. A group of monsters then arrive and kill them.

In chapter 7, Mai, Rotten, Liliana travel to the secret room in the tourist area as Liliana had overheard Midra and Shizu Melonis were going to purge Shina there as punishment for her going there despite being told not to. The trio see find the group of hooded people carrying a bloody corpse bag out of the building then break into the building after they leave. Upon getting inside they find it covered in blood and as they freak out, Midra and Shizu arrive claiming they were worried about the trio and that a state of emergency had been made due to the bloody contents of the room. Rotten and Liliana apologize, however if Mai refuses to do so and directly asks Midra is she murdered Shina, Midra denies it and sends Rotten and Liliana away with Shizu. As they leave, the hooded group charge into the room and attack Mai, then tie her to the table. Midra tells her she has seen too much, just like Shina, and then leaves as the hooded figures hack Mai to death with axes.

In chapter 8, Iris helps Mai and Rotten escape from the electric handcuffs that were tying them against a wall in a shack, with the duo having been attacked by a man in a demon mask and put there. After leaving, Rotten cries about the fact her mother was a murderer that had killed some of their friends and if Mai chooses to rest they travel into town after doing so only to find everyone dead including Liliana, who had been burned to death. Mai finds a shadow creature and attacks it in an attempt to kill it and get revenge for all the fallen girls but she unable to get said revenge as it kills her, and probably Rotten, as well.

Death end re;Quest: Code Z[]

Below this point are critical plot details for a game that has yet to be officially released in North America or Europe.

Mai Toyama is set to reappear in Death end re;Quest: Code Z. In this game she admires Arata Mizunashi, a world-famous programmer among gamers, and ends up joining his company, Iris Corporation. Before Arata Mizunashi's disappearance, she received guidance from Arata Mizunashi for a short time, and Mai herself is as talented a programmer as Arata Mizunashi. She has become an essential member of the development of End to Odyssey.

When it comes to work, she has a strict stance torwards herself and others, which often causes her to get into trouble with other staff members. However, many of the staff members understand her well, so it seems unlikely that there will be a major collision, except for the staff member named Akagi and his own father.

Mai's solace comes from a phone call with her younger sister, Sanae Toyama. Mai lives alone in an apartment near her office, and it seems like she doesn't see Sanae very often, and she seems to be starving for opportunities to talk on the phone. However, even though she enjoys happy conversations with Sanae, she can't seem to forget her missing best friend, ''Rottie.'' Sayaka is a very peculiar person, but she has joined the team as a part-time worker. They gradually become close friends. That's surprising. In fact, there is an incredible parasitic being inside Mai's body, which affects people's fate, but she is trying to suppress it. Will she be able to do this even if the world threatens you?


  • Mai's surname Toyama means "east" (東) (to) and "mountain, hill" (山) (yama).



  • Pose 4 and 5 are the only poses didn’t appear in the game.
  • Mai was on obtainable character in the game Mega Miracle Force.
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