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Rotten "Rottie" Dollhart is a playable character in Death end re;Quest 2 and she reappears in the spinoff Death end re;Quest Code Z.

Official Description[]

A girl living at the Wordsworth Women’s Dormitory in Le Choara. She goes by the nickname “Rottie.” Many of her classmates see her as bright, kind, and sophisticated. Apart from being caring and attentive to her friends, she wields a curious mind. Solving riddles is one of her favorite hobbies. Her vivacious personality can be intense. She seems very interested in Mai.


She has shown a sense of justice and can be seen at the start of the game when she faces Vina's bulling at Mai Toyama. Her appearance is that of a 13 year old girl as hinted in the JP version of the game. The age was removed in the NA version.

Death Ends[]

In chapter 2, Rotten and Mai Toyama break into Shina Ninomiya's house to steal the laptop they had found that she had taken away from them. If Mai choses not to put her USB into the laptop it engages security protocols and blows itself up, killing Mai and Rotten with the explosion.

In chapter 3, when Rotten, Mai, and Liliana go to the forest to find Anne Satie and Sarah Floyd after they were taken by the Kidnapper monster, they track them down to a shed in the forest. Liliana finds herself scared and asks if they can rest, and if Mai agrees to rest they relax against the side of the shed until Liliana feels better before they confront it. The Kidnapper senses them though, and smashes through the side of the wall of the shed they were resting against with its scythe instantly killing Rotten and Liliana. Mai was flung into the air, and watched as her friends were killed.

In chapter 4, after the party defeat the Succubus that used to be Chitsuba Idean, they realize it used to be human (as it was speaking human language before the fight). If they decide to save it so they can turn it back into a human, they get close to it in the hopes of being able to do so. It gets up and decides that if it's going to die it's going to take the girls with it then grabs Rotten, Liliana, and Mai and drowns them in the lake as it dies from its wounds.

In chapter 5, after Liliana runs away after he mother tells her she wishes she was never born, Abigail Williams chases after her. Mai and Rotten eventually find Liliana in the Rural Area. Mai wonders where Abigail was, though Liliana hadn't seen her. She has Rotten take Liliana back home and searches for Abigail, who she eventually finds. Abigail mentions seeing mysterious symbols further in the woods and if Mai decides to return home instead of search for them she and Abigail return home with Mai unable to find Liliana and Rotten. She freaks out and runs back to where they had split up and eventually finds them being drowned by a Shadow Matter.

In chapter 6, Mai, Rotten, Liliana, and Shina Ninomiya try to leave town but find they are unable to due to a giant wall blocking the way out of the shopping district. As they look at it, a group of hooded people travel through the wall into town. If Mai approaches them to talk to them a massive group of them suddenly arrive and join the others and surround Mai. The other three run in, telling her she was stupid to have gone up to them, which just leads to the large group kidnapping all four of them. They take the hostages to the forest and tie them to poles, then leave. A group of monsters then arrive and kill them.

In chapter 8, Iris helps Mai and Rotten escape from the electric handcuffs that were tying them against a wall in a shack, with the duo having been attacked by a man in a demon mask and put there. After leaving, Rotten cries about the fact her mother was a murderer that had killed some of their friends and if Mai chooses to rest they travel into town after doing so only to find everyone dead including Liliana, who had been burned to death. Mai finds a shadow creature and attacks it in an attempt to kill it and get revenge for all the fallen girls but she unable to get said revenge as it kills her, and probably Rotten, as well.

Death end re;Quest Code Z[]

Below this point are critical plot details for a game that has yet to be officially released in North America or Europe.

Rotten Dollhart is set to reappear in Death end re;Quest Code Z. Rotten is a person that Mai Toyama was in contact with for a while when she was a child after she was taken to Romania due to her mother's work, who is a painter. She is a very bright, energetic, and attentive girl.

At the time, her and Mai had become so close that they would call each other close friends, and the three of them, including Liliana, got along well. After that, Rotten had a chance to come to Japan with her family, but she dissapeared there. Although it was investigated as a possible incident, there were no clues for seven years, and Rotten seemingly dissapeared in Japan. Sayaka ends up investigating her dissapearance aswell

She safely reunites with Sayaka Hiwatari and begins a new life. How will she deal with the turmoil that occurs here?


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