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Shina Ninomiya (二ノ宮 しいな Ninomiya Shīna) is the female protagonist of Death end re;Quest and a supporting and playable character in Death end re;Quest 2. She also returns in the spinoff Death end re;Quest: Code Z. She was the project director of World's Odyssey, but her sudden disappearance contributed to the closure of the project. After a mysterious e-mail is sent to colleague Arata Mizunashi a year later, the duo sets out to clear the game and return Shina to her body.


Developing World's Odyssey[]

Shina lost her mother at a young age, and it is implied that she has been without her parents or any other family for quite some time. At approximately 19 years old, she found herself as the head of Enigma's World's Odyssey project, an ambitious Virtual Reality MMO using Aggle Inc's revolutionary "Alice Engine." For two years, she worked closely with lead programmer Arata Mizunashi and also struck a friendship with Lydia Nolan. Arata notes that while she never outwardly showed any signs of stress during the project's many pitfalls, there were almost certainly times where she closed herself into the restroom and cried alone.

Suddenly, she disappeared right when irreparable bugs plagued W.O.D. The combination of events led to Aggle pulling their funding, which led to the formal cancellation of World's Odyssey.

Shina's ending[]

In Shina's ending, time has reversed to before Shina began working for Enigma. Rin introduces Shina as the new director, and upon seeing each other, Arata and Shina's memories return of the previous timeline, and the two smile happily at each other. Iris also becomes Shina's little sister, and it is specified that Shina had been reborn as a Luden. World's Odyssey also merges with the real world.

Death end re;Quest 2 events[]

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In the game event, Shina Ninomiya is working in the Wordsworth as a maid, her job is to investigate Midra and the town of Le Choara and to find Arata Mizunashi after he goes missing. She finds Mai, Rottie and Liliana to be cute and is seen overly obsessing over them in private.

Death Ends[]

In chapter 6 of Death end re;Quest 2, Mai Toyama, Rotten Dollhart, Liliana Pinnata, and Shina try to leave town but find they are unable to due to a giant wall blocking the way out of the shopping district. As they look at it, a group of hooded people travel through the wall into town. If Mai approaches them to talk to them a massive group of them suddenly arrive and join the others and surround Mai. The other three run in, telling her she was stupid to have gone up to them, which just leads to the large group kidnapping all four of them. They take the hostages to the forest and tie them to poles, then leave. A group of monsters then arrive and kill them.

Death end re;Quest: Code Z[]

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Shina Ninomiya is set to reappear in Death end re;Quest: Code Z alongside, Mai and Sayaka Hiwatari. Shina is the director of the VR MMORPG ''World's Odyssey'' at Iris Corporation which has become really popular in this world. Currently she is concetrating on directing ''End to Odyssey'' which is the second game in the W.O.D series. A long time ago her and her mother were involved in a traffic accident and her mother later died from an illness caused by the aftereffects from the accident. As for Shina, she was also severely injured to the point of death, but coincidentally she was able to survive due to her transformation into a Luden. Which is a rare event that occurs worldwide As the unique and beautiful Luden director she gets alot of attention from fans. Shina is a woman who is still living torwards new dreams and is making the development of her new work top priority. Her important partner Arata Mizunashi is currently missing. Who she cares alot for just like Sayaka Hiwatari who she ended up living with. Wanting to serve both as Sayaka's director and protector.

Other Notes[]

  • Mary Skelter 2 gives Little Mermaid and Alice (not to be confused with Death end re;Quest's Alice) costumes based on Shina as part of its "Death End Attire" cross-promotion. Little Mermaid's costume is based on Shina's World's Odyssey avatar, while Alice's costume is based on Shina's attire outside of World's Odyssey. Alice and Little Mermaid are the secondary protagonists of Mary Skelter: Nightmares and Mary Skelter 2 respectively, and Shina bears a physical resemblance to Alice in particular.
  • Shina appears in the game Mega Miracle Force as two characters. The first reuses her Death end re;Quest render, whilst the second is a special Christmas version of Shina.


  • Shina's surname Ninomiya means "two" (二) (ni) and "temple, shrine, palace" (宮) (miya).
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