Worlds Odyssey

Worlds Odyssey is a It is the World which is the stage of Death end re;Quest.


Abbreviation is "W.O.D.". Online Game Enigma Games was developing. Originally, Shina's original Expression of Director was shaped, so development was abandoned up to alpha version at Shina's Disappearance. Shina seems to have Physiological Phenomena Parameters also set. By using White Rabbits, "Mindful Dive" that makes Awareness immerse in Game and makes sense in Game effective is possible. In Shina's Idea, MMORPG has clear Ending, and when it comes to True Ending, an effect called "Ending Log Out" is made to carry over the reverberation of Ending to the reality. As for Shina waking up in Game, Log Out is impossible why, and it is aiming for Clear in anticipation of possibility that the above Ending Log Out is functioning.